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Our Litigation team, in close collaboration with the other areas of the firm, advises and provides legal assistance to our clients, in the judicial context of -class actions / single proceedings-, mediation, arbitration and voluntary jurisdiction.

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Advice and defence

01. Class actions

We have extensive experience defending our clients in class actions filed by third parties against them, establishing innovative grounds to obtain rulings that are as close as possible to our client’s interests.

Principal matters:

  • Standard contract terms and conditions.
  • Investment products.
  • Risk coverage.
  • Cards.
  • Revolving credit.
  • Time sharing.
  • Multi-currency mortgages.
  • Other.

Advice and defence

02. Single proceedings

The litigation team also defends our clients in single legal proceedings, which require an exhaustive legal study, strategic approach and close contact with all the parties involved.

The matters we advise on include the following:

  • Invalidity of investment products with a qualified investor profile.
  • Companies owned, directly or indirectly, by Financial Institutions.
  • Termination of finance contracts. Suspension of financing.
  • Breach of obligations: contractual liability.
  • Law 57/1968. Buyers of homes financed by Financial Institutions. Non-existence and enforcement of guarantees.
  • Enforcement of guarantees at the request of the Administration (state, regional and local).
  • Linked financing.
  • Financial derivatives.
  • Multi-currency.
  • Defence of our client or related third parties in criminal proceedings.
  • Claims by suppliers against our clients.