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Asigno combines experience and innovation to achieve the desired result: the highest recovery in the shortest possible time, optimizing costs for our customers.

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In the last 10 years, Asigno has managed:


Court case management

01. Non-insolvency debt management

Effective management can only be achieved if it is comprehensive and comprehensive management can only be achieved with efficiency. Therefore, ASIGNO.

Asigno combines experience and innovation to achieve the results our clients expect.

The management of each portfolio is exclusive. We work in a multidisciplinary environment, combining in and outside court management.

The combination of our human resources and technology adapted to the needs of our clients allows us to achieve one goal: results.

In debt recovery, it is numbers that talk.

The wide range of services and the ability to adapt to the specific requirements of our clients, allow our company to provide quality services:

  • Preparation and analysis of documentation.
  • In and outside court claims.
  • Filing of lawsuits with our integrated service (legal management + procedural representation) and meeting deadlines.
  • Control of judicial deadlines and planning based on results.
  • Management of financial data in real time for macro analysis.
  • Control and follow-up of recovered amounts/collections.
  • Our clients’ objectives and liaisons are treated as our own.
  • Immediate response to resolve all legal and procedural contingencies.

Court case management

02. Insolvency debt management

ASIGNO provides support in insolvency proceedings in which our clients are the creditors, advising them from a legal and economic point of view, with a single objective: the recovery of their credit at the lowest cost and in the shortest period of time.

Asigno's professionals combine extensive legal knowledge and experience in insolvency proceedings with technological tools specifically developed for this area to correctly monitor the process and the financial data of interest to our clients.

Since 2004, Asigno has represented a number of financial institutions, large companies and investment funds in more than 10,000 insolvency proceedings and has been involved in more than 2,500 insolvency proceedings

Each INSOLVENCY PROCESS is unique. Our professionals analyse the creditor client's position on an individual basis, in contact with all the operators involved in the procedure. This is the only way to achieve a positive result.