Why you

Nothing happens by chance and at Asigno we know that our success is due to the people we work with.

We have high-performance teams whose talent and drive, involvement, commitment, initiative, professionalism... make it possible to achieve the best results.

This is the attitude that sets us apart. These are the people with which we share our daily work and with whom we choose to work, our colleagues who trust in the availability and ability of the team and who are defined by their ability to work on their own, their standards and responsibility.

We want to grow with people who share our culture and the way we work and we want to contribute to their career development with the support of a firm with personality and a brilliant future.

If you think in the same way, we want to meet you!

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Why us

We are committed to people as much as to business

People are our greatest asset. We depend on your personality, your drive and your know-how and we want you to take risks, assume challenges and entitle yourself the right to succeed, acting with autonomy within your responsibilities.

Collaborative environment

We are a non-hierarchical and non-bureaucratic organization that features a good working environment within our teams. Participation in cross-functional projects is a key part of most processes.

Professional growth

Your career will have the limits that you decide to set. You will take the reins of your own development and you will be able to test your capabilities every day.

Shared Talent

You will also work hand in hand with our partners; professionals recognized in the industry for their extensive experience and knowledge.

360º Vision

The size of our organization allows us to offer you the possibility of participating in all stages of our clients’ advisory process and to have a broad perspective of their entire development.


We have grown due to the particular effort of our professionals and we know, like nobody, how to value and recognize it.


We hire capacity and commitment. This enables us to trust in the responsibility of each person to achieve their objectives and to work with real measures of conciliation.


¿Quieres hacer prácticas?

Si estás terminando tu formación académica y quieres formar parte de la próxima generación de Asigno, puedes realizar tus prácticas con nosotros.

Estas son las áreas en las que podrás aprender, participando en proyectos donde encuentres los desafíos reales de la profesión y el orgullo de contribuir a sus soluciones:

  • Mercantil
  • Fiscal y Tributario
  • Reestructuraciones empresariales
  • Laboral y Seguridad Social
  • Procesal y Arbitraje
  • Inmobiliario y Urbanismo
  • Administrativo y Medio Ambiente

Y conocer algunos de los sectores profesionales de gran protagonismo económico, como:

  • Sector sanitario, farmacéutico y biotecnológico
  • Sector de la energía
  • Entidades financieras
  • Urbanismo e inmobiliario
  • Capital Riesgo

El proceso de selección se lleva a cabo en el segundo trimestre del año.

Si quieres enviarnos tu currículum para que podamos conocernos, déjanos tus datos en el formulario de abajo.

Send us your CV

If you choose to continue your career by our side. If you share our philosophy and identify with our talent management model, we look forward to receiving your contact details and CV by e-mail, so that we can meet you personally