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Highly qualified team dealing with national outside court debt management, in all possible scenarios depending on the product, age of the debt, debtor profile...

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Out of court management / paralegal

We always comply with the strictest protocols in the area of Personal Data Protection, mediating to resolve the dispute in the shortest period of time, while optimising costs for our clients, FINANCIAL ENTITIES, AUTOMOTIVE FINANCE COMPANIES, LARGE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COMPANIES, INVESTMENT FUNDS:

  • We audit the supporting documents of each debt position.
  • We check and verify contact details and constantly update them.
  • We use the best technological supports.
    • -Automatic markers
    • -Massive emailing and SMS
  • We manage DEBT in all phases   (default, in and outside court...).
  • We advise on and formalise the agreements reached in public deeds and private agreements, according to our clients’ protocol.